Test Your Forecasting Skills With the Dataiku World Cup Prediction Game

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The 2022 World Cup kicks off this Sunday, and for the occasion, we’ve brought together a team of Dataiku’s finest data scientists to create a machine learning (ML) model that predicts the outcome of each match.

Do you think you could make a better forecast? We’re inviting you to test your prediction skills against our model by signing up for the Dataiku World Cup prediction game, where you can join both Dataikers and your fellow Dataiku users in trying to beat the AI.

Continue reading to find out more about the game, an example of how it works, and how you can get involved!

About the Dataiku World Cup Prediction Game

With the World Cup approaching, my fellow data scientists and I thought it could be a fun (albeit difficult!) opportunity to try our hand at forecasting something as unpredictable as sports.

As a result, we used Dataiku to create several different models with competing strategies to come up with a prediction for both the outcome and the exact scores of each of the 64 games that will take place throughout the tournament.

For the more technical practitioners among you who are interested in knowing how we did it, we provide a full, detailed breakdown, which covers everything from data preparation to our predictions for each team.

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First round of predictions using the optimizing gain approach

Curious to know how the forecasts of Dataiku users would measure up against our model, the idea for the Dataiku World Cup prediction game was born!

How It Works

Our prediction game is an engaging initiative where the objective is to get points by predicting the outcome of the World Cup matches. The more accurate your predictions are, the more points you earn, with extra points awarded for particularly risky guesses.


For example:

  • If you predict that England (1.29 odds) will lose 1-2 against Iran (11 odds) and Iran actually wins 1-0, you’ll get 11 points.
  • If there’s a draw or an English victory, you will get 0 points.
  • If you predict the exact result, you will get 11x2 = 22 pts.

Open to all of our valued Community members and Dataiku users, there will also be special prizes awarded to our top 10 players.

Get In On The Fun — Join Our World Cup Prediction Game

Want to see how your sports forecasts stack up to those of our model and your fellow Dataiku users? Register via the button below to take part in the game. You can join at any point during the tournament, so if you’ve missed the first match, don’t worry — there’s still time to join in. Happy predictions!


Note: The game and prizes are not 2022 Fifa World Cup affiliated/sponsored.

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