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How to export out predicted data after running


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    Hi Arisa,

    In this post (https://community.dataiku.com/t5/Using-Dataiku/How-can-we-export-the-predicted-data-table-of-a-model-to-CSV/td-p/1433) you mentioned you applied the scoring recipe but got different data. To which dataset did you apply it? It should be the same dataset used to train the model. Also, make sure the model used in the prediction recipe is the same you used in the visual analysis view. Finally, please note that in the training session you are probably working with a sampling of the data, whereas the prediction recipe applies to the whole dataset.

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    I trained a model on a WHOLE DATASET (HOLD_joined_prepared), on a 5 fold cross validation run (for training only). The predicted data provides the whole result of each of the 5-fold training. The first confusion matrix shows the result of the training and I wish to inspect the training result. Applying a scoring recipe (to print out predicted data result) on the same dataset used for training with the same model I used to train it (seems logically incorrect, as I am training a model on the same exact data i am predicting) will provides a 'different result'. Is there any way I can export predicted data (result of model training) directly ?

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