Top Community Contributors - November 2022

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It's Turkey Time 🦃 We're thankful for this month's Top Contributors!

As we saw last month, there is lots of great activity across the community on all sorts of topics. These posters helped keep balance to the force throughout October:


Carving the bird with 7 topics published, 7 replies authored, and 2 solutions accepted

Some of their work includes: Download visual recipe, Searching a library file, and Python import from Library

- Extra gravy for you with 5 topics published, 2 kudos given, and 22 kudos received

Some of their work includes: Metrics store to AUTOML Forecasting, Model Performance Alerting, and Improved SQL Experience

- Their effort is as sweet as a slice of Pumpkin Pie with 3 topics published, 8 replies authored, 2 kudos given, 4 kudos received, 2 solutions accepted, and 1 solution authored

Some of their work includes: Timed File Update, Time Based Scenario Question, and Connecting SQL Server to Dataiku installed on WSL2

Thank you all for your contributions and conversation. Check out our other Top Contributors of this community. Looking to join these Top Community Contributors? Check out some of our Community Resources and best practices. If you want to be featured, we’re looking for quality contributions including topics starts, replies given, solutions authored and more!

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