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I am using the free online version of Dataiku, and am trying to setup a Python environment with torch and a few other packages. I cannot find a way to accomplish this with the online version of Dataiku. Is it possible? If so, I will appreciate any insight you might provide. Thanks. Gordon.

Operating system used: maces


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    Hi @Erlebacher
    and welcome to the Dataiku Community. Dataiku Online allows you to work extensively with Python. To do so you can:

    • use one of the two Python environments, Data Science and Dash, which are available by default;
    • create a custom one and choose the packages to include.

    Please note that you have to be space-admin to create or manage your Python environments.

    More information can be found here in this resource in our Knowledge Base: Work With Python on Dataiku Online and more specifically How to Create a Python Environment. I hope this helps!

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