Allow flow nodes to be bypassed conditionally

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As I start to use dataiku to standardize analysis chains, there are product specific data preparation nodes that are not always needed. Currently, if I want multiple products to use the same flow, I have to embed custom logic in many recipe nodes. It would be great, if nodes could be bypassed (grayed out) but not taken from the flow, using some global variable.


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  • Turribeach
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    Couldn't you do this by building specific Scenarios that only run the required parts of your flow? Note that a Scenario can run another Scenario so you can easily nest/group your flow using this technique.

  • info-rchitect
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    Yes I could do that but that is pretty complicated as well. The business logic could be 10+ nodes in the flow. I imagine a base flow that works out of the box if a product doesn't have dirty data. If a product does add in nodes to massage their data, they are tagged with a product bypass flag so the scenario can just build the base nodes, which would hit the product-specific nodes if they exist and are not bypassed.

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    Thanks for the feedback @info-rchitect
    , we've logged this request and will let you know if we have any updates.


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