Advanced designer assessment- step 4 (Plugins) Error

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In the step 4 of the project, i am getting below error when creating the word cloud on the description column of the Online_Retail_Distinct dataset.

Job failed: Error while checking kubernetes logs, returned 1 Error from server (BadRequest): container "c" in pod "dataiku-exec-customcode-nlp-visualization-wordcloud-hvkvssmpz5j" is waiting to start: image can't be pulled.

can someone support to resolve this


  • taraku
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    To build the word cloud, you'll use the Text visualization plugin. You can find the instructions posted to the product plugins page. This plugin requires admin rights to install it and a code environment. If you are using the plugin with containers, you will need to customize the base image.

  • gnanash13
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    Hi @taraku

    Thanks for your response. I get this error after running the plugin on the assessment dataset.

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