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I uploaded a datafile and did a little cleaning. I wanted to verify that certain data were where I expected them to be. So on the "Customer" field, I search for "Apothecaria" and got nothing. But I could scroll and find the records that contained that value in the field. I'm not sure why the field won't filter on the specific customer name when I can clearly see it in the field data.

I've uploaded a screen grab that shows the filter interface with zero hits, and the actual data it should be hitting right below it on the screen.

It's weird. Thoughts?

Operating system used: MacOS Monterey v12.4


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    I see you have multiple filters on multiple columns, which may exclude the matches you are looking for based on the other filter.

    Can you try using a single filter or can filtering using the filter in the Sample setting for the same value and see if you still don't get matches?

    Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 11.30.30.png


  • wjkelly
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    Thanks for the reply. I deleted all filters, and tried again using the dropdown from the column name. Still got no hits despite seeing on the same screen records with the value I was trying to filter on.

    Here's a screen shot of that:

    screen grab 2.png

    When I applied a filter in the Configure Sample dialog, it DID filter the dataset properly.

    I guess that satisfies my desire to verify the presence of certain data, but leaves me confused by the behavior of the filter function from the column header drop down.

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