Updating a dataset created from metrics and checks

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I have a dataset on which I have implemented a few metrics and checks. (dataset1). I created a new dataset on these metrices by using the option of 'create data set' from the status tab. I now have a new dataset which contains the metrics/checks and their values. (dataset1_metrics).

The intention is to update the dataset1_metrics with new values, each time the metrics and checks get computed on my primary dataset(dataset1).

I tried the build option on the dataset1_metrics assuming it would reload the data in the table with latest values computed for the metrics and checks. However, the job executed with message 'There was nothing to do for this job'.

Plan: implement scenarios to compute metrics/ checks on the primary dataset. Then build the metrics dataset to reflect the latest computed metrics/checks.

Any help on this will be helpful.



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    the dataset in which you see the values of the metrics is actually "just a view" on the actual metrics storage. So in particular you don't need to rebuild it. Each time you run a job on that dataset, the current values will be taken. What maybe led you to think it's not updated is the fact that the Explore tab of that metrics dataset isn't updated each time you browse it: you need to "Save and refresh sampling" in the sampling pane of the Explore tab (which can be opened the left edge of the table)


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