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I have a peculiar profile, I work as a data scientist for a company ,I teach academic courses, supervize futur engineers training project, participate in non-profit project centered around providing IA for everyone and Iam also sometimes doing some consulting. Sometimes I work with a large budget , sometimes not.

I love dataiku if only because it is accessible to various public and allows some structuring of the codes and projects.

I refrained from using in production so far in any contex as most of my work is either prototyping or teaching anyway. So the community edition is a good tool for me.

Obviously sometimes I am in projects where we can buy a license , sometimes really not. I would like some visibility on the legal aspect behind the various offer on your product but strangely enough I can't seem to find any legal documentation anywhere.

I even tried to go " find -iname' and then look for license , EULA or whatever I could think of , on my install and installed product directories and never got anything back particularily relevant.

Can you help me get legal documentation pertaining to the use of the product ?

Thank you in advance


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    If you want to know more about our Enterprise Edition, please fill the "contact us" page with the option "contact our sales team".

    About our Free Edition, this is free forever and you can find the legal terms here.

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