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Hi all,

I have final dataset with 5 columns (col1, col2, col3, col4, col5). After running whole workflow (using scenario) I want to make sure that 3 columns (col1, col3, col5) of final dataset should not contain null values. In case any of these 3 column value(s) is null then I want to get notified through mail.

Can someone help me with how to proceed.

Thanks in advance!

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    Of course, you can do this in several ways.

    If you simply want to be informed by email at each build of your dataframe if the columns (col1, col3, col5)> not contain null values.

    You can create in the status and metrics section a check on each column if they are not null.

    > If I understood your need correctly: you could include in your scenario 2 more steps after your build: do the checks, send an email (if or not) with the results of your checks attached: empty / not empty for your columns.

    For example; if your check failed that means : your columns are empty.


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    Hi @pnaik1

    If you need more material to follow @Grixis6
    suggestion, you can find these sections of the Knowledge Base to be useful:

    1. Automation: Metrics and Checks
    2. Automation: Scenarios

    They have examples on how to create Checks and use them in scenarios. If you'd like a more step-by-step example, please let me know, and I can share some material I've with you.


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