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Hi dataiku team,
I had a question on trigger that get enqued and squashed.

Suppose i have a scenario with triggers every day at 3pm , 4pm and 5pm.
Now if my 3pm Job is running and overflows the 4pm trigger and the 5pm trigger then i understand that the 4pm trigger gets squashed and the 5pm trigger is what remains in queue.

My question is how long is this trigger active for ?
i.e. suppose my job continued to run till 9pm will the 5pm trigger run the scenario after 9 or does it get timed out ?

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  • Alexandru
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    Hi @NN

    This is a very good question, so "max queuing time" is 10% of the normal delay between runs.

    For a daily scenario, it means that the scenario will only catch up if it can start within 2 hours and 24 minutes of its initially planned running time.

    For the hourly scenario, it will only run if it can start within 6 min of the planned start time. Otherwise, it will be squashed.

    Let me know if this answers your question.


  • NN
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    Hi @AlexT

    As always thanks for your prompt reply. if i could disturb you for one more thing,
    how would this timeout apply for other triggers. like Triggers on Dataset/Folder change ?

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