Mac OSX Conflict? Python installation required for Dataiku DSS to run...

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I'm concerned that the Dataiku DSS installation will modify the Mac OSX system path to Python 2.7. Rarely, if ever, do we mess with the system version of Python, as it's needed by the OS.

- When Python 3.7 is installed, does it modify the the MacOS system version of Python, including any PATH environment variables?

- Typically Python versions are sandboxed with virtualenv, pyenv, conda, or the like. Do I need to set up a similar virtual environment for Dataiku?

- Can you add some color to the statement, "If you have a custom Python installation, it might get shadowed in your PATH enviornment?" Specifically, with the Dataiku DSS installation shadow the PATH for MacOS system Python version?

I'd be surprised if your engineers did anything with the system python version--that's a dangerous game--but better to be safe than sorry, and inquire here. I don't want to mess up my rig.

Thanks, Keith


Operating system used: Mac OSX Big Sur v11.6.2


  • AlexandreV
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    Hello @keithMiklas

    Dataiku DSS for Mac needs Python3.7 from

    • You can either install a python3.7 yourself from
    • Or let the Dataiku application do this for you.

    Note that installing python3.7 will not remove or move any existing Python installed on your Mac.


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