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I am trying to migrate python notebooks from project A to project B.

for that I started by looking if it is possible to do it directly from the interface (with a copy button for example) but i didn't find it.

So I connected to the server and tried to copy the notebook by doing a 'cp -rp my source_folder/file destination/file'.

the file was well copied to the destination project but it is not displayed on the dataiku interface, so I think that there is metadata to modify somewhere. Any ideas on how I can do this from the interface or from the command lines ?

thank you for your answers.


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    Hi @zikzik

    In that case, you will indeed need to copy the entire notebook directory from one project to another:

    cp -rf DATA_DIR/config/projects/<ORIG_PROJECT>/ipython_notebooks/ DATA_DIR/config/projects/<DEST_PROJECT>/

    I have just checked in my DSS10 instance and it worked.


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