unable to connect dss instance after doing a custom installation

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Hi Team,

i installed dss using below link.

Installing a new DSS instance — Dataiku DSS 10.0 documentation

on azure i dont have any issues connecting to ds studio.

All the steps are successful but unable to connect data science studio on gcp.

The curl on local instance looks good (i mean XML message). When i try to open the data studio through the browser it throws proxy error.

the installed port is 11000 and i have stopped the firewall on VM instance.

Any else to be checked on Google cloud. i have the setup up and running on azure cloud.

Please let me know how to proceed on this. Thank you

Operating system used: redhat linux 7.9


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    Hi @Bhargavv_g

    Can you check

    1) If DSS is running on your GCP instance? From the DATADIR run ./bin/dss status not sure what XML was returned if you curl localhost:10000 you should get <!DOCTYPE html>

    2) Can you share the exact proxy error you are seeing?

    3) You can also check the logs in DATADIR/run/backend.log which may provide additional information.


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