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We are building standard Dataiku Web App with enabled Python backend. We're trying to use certain account to run the backend (selected in "Run backend as" of Settings tab of Web App instance). This account belongs to certain group that was granted following permissions:

  • Admin access to the project where Web App is hosted
  • Write isolated code
  • Create active Web Content

Whenever, we try to start the backend, we receive an error as per attachment. The interface does not provide any additional details.

Have any of you encountered similar issues? Or maybe do you know what exact permissions need to be granted to user account so it can run Web App backend?

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    in addition to the permissions you mention, the user selected will need the permission to read the project's contents, and most likely write project content too. If the selected user already has these permissions, you should generate a diagnostic in Administration > Maintenance > Diagnostic tool and open a support ticket on with the diag.


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