Celebrate Extraordinary Women With the Dataiku Community

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Dataiku is dedicated to supporting women in the tech industry and remains committed to combating prejudice and other challenges they may face in the workplace. That’s why in honor of this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the extraordinary women using everyday AI through an interactive online event that aims to spark conversations around important issues such as intersectional diversity, family and work-life balance, and more.

Building on previous initiatives, which focused on topics such as the future of women in AI, encouraging the next generation of women in data science, and the trailblazing careers of our female sales leaders, our upcoming event will explore common challenges and strategies to promote equality.

Continue reading to find out more about what we have in store, and don’t hesitate to sign up now – there are limited seats to foster intimate exchanges, and we’d love to have you join us for this special event!

Online Event: International Women’s Day 2022

Taking place on March 8th, 2022, from 8:30 am to 10:00 am ET (2:30 pm-4:00 pm CET), our online event “International Women’s Day | Everyday AI, Extraordinary Women” features a panel discussion with @DivyaThomas
, @ShobanaM
, Simone Larsson, and @gwenadler
, tapping into their diverse journeys, experiences, and backgrounds, and providing insight into how they pursued roles in Product, Customer Success, AI Strategy, and Sales at Dataiku.

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What’s more, during the event we’ll host small group sessions moderated by volunteers from Dataiku, where participants can be vulnerable in a safe space, meet other women who work in the tech industry, and have conversations in the language of their choice (this year, we’re offering English, German, Hindi, French, and Spanish!).

During the event, some of the key themes we’ll be exploring include:

  • Intersectional diversity in the tech industry.
  • Balancing your personal and professional life after starting a family.
  • Career opportunities in technology for women from non-technical backgrounds.
  • The small choices we can make every day so that tomorrow you don’t need to be the only woman involved in important business decisions in your workplace.

Of course, the topics of discussion will not be limited, and every participant is encouraged to share their story and talk about issues that matter to them.

“I’m looking to empower attendees to really own their voice and to champion themselves,” says Simone Larsson, AI Evangelist at Dataiku and one of our main panelists. “I really like talking to women about their experiences in tech and sharing lessons learned.”

Help to #BreakTheBias

In line with the campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2022, the aim of this year’s event is to help #BreakTheBias. Focusing on the tech industry, we’ll explore how we can foster workplaces that are diverse, inclusive, free of stereotypes, and which celebrate and value differences.

“The bias that I want to break is that you need a technical education to work for a tech company,” says Gwen Adler, Enterprise Account Executive at Dataiku. “Sales, for example, is a great way to bring your unique skill set, and many organizations have a well-defined career path.”

Divya Thomas, Senior Product Manager at Dataiku, agrees: “Tech, and our world in general, excels from people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives working together and challenging one another. Why should the same principle not apply to gender? The ways in which women think, work, and express themselves deserve to be celebrated and incorporated into the world of tech.”

Spread the Word!

Planning on attending our event? Tell the world that this International Women’s Day, you’re joining Dataiku to open the dialogue around the challenges women face in the industry by downloading your personalized attendee badge.

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To receive the badge, simply upload the image of your choice to our photo generator. Afterward, you can share it on your favorite platforms to publicize your participation. Don’t forget to tag us using the hashtag #EverydayAIExtraordinaryWomen on social media so that we can join in on the celebration!

If you haven’t RSVPed for the event yet, click the button below to sign up. We look forward to seeing you there!


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