Is an upload file stored the whole dataset in DSS Server?

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From the concept of DSS know where to access data source and take only sample of the dataset and I come with questions -

  1. Does DSS store the whole data for the uploaded .csv file?
  2. Are the output dataset objects stored?
  3. Does DSS store these output object as whole dataset?


Operating system used: Windows 10

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  • Sergey
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    Hi @p_phanwong

    Please find the corresponding answers to your questions:

    1) Yes, the file is stored fully on the DSS server file system.

    2) It depends. If you are using local FS-managed datasets as output then yes, the output will be fully stored on the local FS. If this is cloud storage or SQL database then all the data will be stored outside of DSS.

    3) Yes.

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