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I want to upgrade from 5.1.6 to 10.

As far as I understand from this documentation ( ) the upgrade can be done directly without jumping from version to version. Can you please confirm my understanding?

Also, I understand that I only need to:

1. Stop DSS:

DATA_DIR/bin/dss stop

2. Download the new version:


3. Untar the file:

cd SOMEDIRtar xzf /PATH/TO/dataiku-dss-NEWVERSION.tar.gz

4. Perform the upgrade:

dataiku-dss-NEWVERSION/ -d DATA_DIR -u

5. Start DSS

DATA_DIR/bin/dss start

Since I already have data, does this mean the installer will automatically 'convert' the existing data to work with the new DSS version and will also install all the dependencies that are needed?

Can you share some hints, best practices, etc? Do I need to pay special attention to something?

Thank you!

Operating system used: Linux (Ubuntu)

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  • darkmac
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    Hi Sergey,

    First of all, big thank you for the quick answer !

    It is a EC2 instance on AWS, so I created a snapshot for both disks (separate root and DATA disk). Using the Dataiku Backup procedure is not really something I can do, because of the big size of the data folder.

    Regarding the pre/post upgrade steps... since I'm only the sysadmin guy, I have no idea if the existing installation is using some or all of the features posted in the post-upgrade-tasks. Same about tasks-after-startup.

    Is there any way to check if the current installation use any of those features (R, graphics exports, Hadoop & Spark, User Isolation Framework, containerized execution)?

    Once again, thank you for the quick answer!

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