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Sybase is not officially supported by Dataiku but I saw another post from another user that he was able to retrieve data from a Sybase database. However there were no details on how to set it up. I therefore figured it myself so here are the details in case you need to do the same.

  1. Download the Jconnect 4 Sybase driver (jconn4.jar) and place it in a new directory under [node]/lib/jdbc/sybase. Good luck finding it, I wasn't able to find it on the SAP site so I used an older version from a previous project
  2. Create a new SQL database (JDBC) connection and fill the details as follows:

JDBC driver class: com.sybase.jdbc4.jdbc.SybDriver

JDBC URL: jdbc:sybase:Tds:hostname:port/database_name

Driver jars directory: ./lib/jdbc/sybase

SQL dialect (experimental): Sybase IQ

User/Password of course

Test and save the connection. After creating the connection go to your project and select New Dataset => SQL Databases => Other SQL Databases. Select the new Sybase connection and change the Mode to SQL query. It won't work otherwise since Dataiku uses the LIMIT statement to limit the amount of rows you get which is not supported by Sybase ASE. SQL Notebooks seem to work fine as well.



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