January 2022 Community News

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Happy New Year Dataiku Community!

We wish for our community a very happy and productive 2022!

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What's New in the Dataiku Community

We’ve made some enhancements to your experience recently in the Dataiku Community.

  • Kudo Enhancements: Kudoing someone's post or reply is always a lovely gesture, appreciation fuels our community. We've now added some animations to give your Kudos some extra kick!
  • Voting: While Kudos are great, they don’t quite fit our ideations spaces Product Ideas and Community Feedback. Here you are not merely kudoing a post but voting for an idea - so we have updated our tooltips and graphics to represent that.
  • Smaller screen enhancements: Our new sign up to take part banner was a touch large on smaller screens, so we have implemented a new alternate version for such screens.

For more information and visual examples of these changes, check out the December 2021 Community Release.


Dataiku Product Days, on Demand

Dataiku Product Days is a virtual global event designed to share best practices, tips, and tricks when using Dataiku.

In the December edition, sessions were organized around 3 key themes: Building Responsible AI, Scaling Operations with MLOps, and AI Governance and Regulatory Compliance - and you can also see the latest features available in Dataiku 10. Watch sessions on demand.

Highlights from the Community

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