Welcome to the New Dataiku Community!

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Our mission is to create a one-stop shop for learning, peer-to-peer support, best practice sharing and connecting with others around one of our favorite topics - DATA! Here are Dataiku, we are strong believers in connections, community and culture. We strive to have fun, be innovative and build great experiences for all types of users.

With this iteration of community, we want to be clear that we are considering this our beta phase - we want to gather feedback, monitor behaviors and yes, analyze the data to help us grow and evolve our experience to align with what our users need in order to make the most of our their Dataiku usage.

If you were a member of our legacy Answers platform, you’ll likely notice a few enhancements here. We of course intend to offer the same forums posting functionality, but you’ll find that we’ve supercharged it. The new community offers you more options in terms of creating/editing content, managing notifications for topics you’re interested in and even incorporates some pretty cool recognition and reward functionality.

For those of you just joining us now, first off, THANK YOU! We’re so excited to have you and looking forward to growing this community with you. Those of you familiar with online communities will find much of the same standard functionality - forums, ‘likes/kudos’, accepted solutions, but you’ll also find a new Knowledge Base with user friendly Dataiku DSS articles, links to our Academy learning platform and a special destination called ‘The Nest’ where members can gather, introduce themselves, ask questions they aren’t sure where to ask and engage with others on more general data science topics.

We’ll be posting a series of additional articles to provide getting started information, including our Community Guidelines, more information about our recognition and rewards functionality as well as tips for updating your profile and managing your experience.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to our fabulous Community Management team - myself, @MichaelG
, @CoreyS
, or @LisaB
. We look forward to hearing from you!

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