Organizing Dataiku Projects & Folders For Multi Departments Usage

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What are the approaches you follow and the best practices for organizing and structuring Dataiku projects and folders for the use of 60+ employees from different departments and business functions?

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    Hi Lina,

    It is hard to give specific advice, because it really depends on your projects and your organisation structure.

    Perhaps a point that you are missing is that the displayed projects are primarily governed by the security framework, i.e., a user only sees the projects they have access to. So, before thinking of folders, you should think who has access to which projects:

    • At Dataiku, in one of our DSS instances, the security groups match our roles at Dataiku (customer_sucess, data_science, etc.), so depending on your role, you will only have access to the projects relevant to your role;
    • At some customers, security groups are organised around access to data sources, so a user only sees projects with data they can see
    • Every customer has to tailor the security framework to their specific needs

    You should also review the Workspaces capability, a recent feature with v10. It is a way to organise related assets from multiple projects:


    Finally, other best practices such as naming conventions and documentation are also useful to get projects organised. Some suggestions on this page:

    I hope this helps.

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