Get Ready for Dataiku 10 With This Crash Course

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The Dataiku Academy team is pleased to offer a new Crash Course on the latest features in Dataiku 10!


This course contains a mix of videos and hands-on tutorials, geared towards users who are familiar with Dataiku DSS, and who are looking to learn about the highlights of the new product release.

The course covers:

  • New features and enhancements for designing, deploying and maintaining more models in production, such as Model Evaluation Stores, Model Comparisons, and more;
  • A new paradigm for safely scaling and governing AI initiatives, Govern;
  • New features and functionalities for collaborating on and delivering value with data projects even faster, such as Workspaces, visualization enhancements, and more;
  • And that's not all!

The Crash Course in Dataiku DSS 10 is perfect for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and get onboarded on Dataiku DSS’s newest features.

Get started on the Crash Course in Dataiku 10 today!



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