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Hi !

I'm in a team of 4 dataiku users and we want to install all the Dataiku instances : Design Node, Deployer Node, Automation Node, API Node.

We want to install it on a linux server, so according to this doc, i should run these commands :

dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t design -d DATA_DIR -p PORT -l LICENSE_FILE 
dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t automation -d DATA_DIR -p PORT -l LICENSE_FILE
dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t apideployer -d DATA_DIR -p PORT -l LICENSE_FILE
dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t api -d DATA_DIR -p PORT -l LICENSE_FILE

But do i need to run each command on a different server, or all instance can be launched on the same server since we are just 4 users ? What are the best practice ?

If someone could share a ressource that describe how to setup all dataiku instance from scratch : the way it is usually done (with best practice / recommendation on directory installation, port number, server architecture, ...) that would be great !

Thank you

Operating system used: Linux

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  • Sergey
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    Hi @benarl

    Yes, you can install all the nodes on the same machine with a few caveats:

    1) There should be enough resources to hold all of them

    2) Each node uses its own DATA_DIR

    3) Port ranges (each node takes 10 consecutive TCP ports):

    So the commands will be similar to these ones:

    dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t design -d design_dir -p 10000 -l LICENSE_FILE 
    dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t automation -d auto_dir -p 10020 -l LICENSE_FILE
    dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t apideployer -d deployer_dir -p 10030 -l LICENSE_FILE
    dataiku-dss-VERSION/ -t api -d api_dir -p 10040 -l LICENSE_FILE

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