Keyword for creating sql spark recipe via Python API

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Hi Team,

Could you please help me clear below doubts?

The use-case here is that the output of window recipe(s3) would be input to sql-spark recipe whose query we will dynamically create in python, add and run it from python. The output will also be s3 output.

builder = project.new_recipe(??) #what would be the keyword for sql_spark?
builder.with_new_output("name_of_output_dataset", "s3_connection_name")
recipe = builder.create()

recipe_settings.get_json_payload() #for adding query in the recipe which keyword is used?


ThankYou in advance.

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    Can you explain a bit more why you need to create a sparksql recipe programmatically ? Having to create such recipes is not easy so there might be another simpler way to solve your issue. Anyway, you can do it but not from the new_recipe method. You'll need to use the create_recipe method. Which is harder to use. You can use the following code. If you need to find which values to use for specific parameters, such as a dataset's storage format for example, feel free to create such object via the UI, and then copy its settings.

    %pylab inlineimport dataikufrom dataiku import pandasutils as pduimport pandas as pd#Instanciate clientclient = dataiku.api_client()project = client.get_project("PROJECT_KEY")output_dataset_name = "output_dataset_name"input_dataset_name = "input_dataset_name"output_dataset_connection = 'connection_name'recipe_name = "compute_" + output_dataset_name#First, output dataset needs to be createdproject.create_dataset(output_dataset_name, formatType="csv", params={'connection': output_dataset_connection,'filesSelectionRules': {'excludeRules': [],'explicitFiles': [],'includeRules': [],'mode': 'ALL'}}, type="HDFS")#Then, we can create the reciperecipe_proto = {}recipe_proto["type"] = "spark_sql_query"recipe_proto["name"] = recipe_namerecipe_proto["inputs"] = {'main': {'items': [{'appendMode': False,'ref': input_dataset_name}]}}recipe_proto["outputs"] = {'main': {'items': [{'appendMode': False,'ref': output_dataset_name}]}}creation_settings = {"useGlobalMetastore": False,"useGlobalMetastore": True,"forcePipelineableForTests": False,}spsql_recipe = project.create_recipe(recipe_proto, creation_settings)# Finally, modify the recipe's coderecipe_def = spsql_recipe.get_definition_and_payload()recipe_def.set_payload("YOUR SQL CODE HERE")spsql_recipe.set_definition_and_payload(recipe_def)


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