How does Setup Info get you answers faster?

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Setup Info provides other users in the community with specific information designed to make them best able to help you with your question. This eliminates the need to ask clarification questions around your Dataiku setup.

When creating a topic you will be presented with the displayed fields - the best practice is to fill out these fields to the best of your knowledge:

Your post will then have the correct system info connected to it - allowing other helpful users to know (for example) not to recommend a feature from Dataiku 10 because they can see you are on Dataiku 8.


You can also filter community posts using system info, clicking on a particular System Info tag will show only other posts that have that same tag.

We hope this helps you understand the function of System Info tags, if you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to comment below or reach out to a member of the Community team.

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