Fail to update versioned code env programmatically

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I am running into an issue when trying to update the code envs on automation nodes. My use case :

- I want to launch non-regression tests when upgrading dataiku instances

- one of the steps is to update the code envs (especially important for the ones that are containerized)

- when I want to update a (versioned) code env in automation node, it simply fails. I understand there is no way to give the version number when calling the API, and therefore DSS cant understand which code env I am trying to modify.

This choice is understandable for no modification should be done on automation nodes. However, this behaviour prevents some flows from succeeding, and I have to update manually every code env in automation nodes. The other way round would be to push a new bundle, with the code env updated in a design node... a bit convoluted.

Is there something I am missing ? Do some people run into the same problem ? Is there a possibility to specify programmatically the version of a code env, or would it be possible to include in future release ?

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    I'm not sure I fully understand what you are trying to achieve. As you noted, code envs are automatically built according to the required specification when bundles are activated. I'm not sure to understand why you need to update them independently.

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