October 2021 Community News

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The leaves are all falling, and they're falling like they're falling in love with the ground.

This month we’re celebrating the winners of the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards, shaping the future of Dataiku with the launch of User Research, and other highlights you may have missed in our Community!


And the Winner Is...

We launched the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards to celebrate the data science and AI builders who are doing the nitty gritty work to drive the field forward, day in and day out. This first edition gathered an outstanding number of detailed use cases — 45 to be exact!

We are proud to recognize 9 winners and 16 finalists who are paving the way in their industry, from transforming legacy banking systems to building Responsible AI tools to democratizing customer insights. Read on to learn from their achievements!

Help Shape the Future of Dataiku

We are excited to announce the official launch of our User Research Program to increase our collaboration, engagement, and connection with our users.

In return, you will get exclusive sneak peeks of new Dataiku products, features, and functionalities. Your insights will directly impact how we design our product because we want our product to reflect our users, whoever and wherever they may be. Join now to help shape the future of Dataiku!

Highlights from the Community

Dataiku Presents: The History of Data Science
From the pioneers who led the way in the beginning ages of science and mathematics to modern innovators, historyofdatascience.com features the heroes of data science who have shaped the way we live and think today.

Community Top Contributors - September and October 2021

Fall commences as we check in with the Top Contributors for the months of September and October.

What’s New in the Dataiku Community?

Catch up on what’s new in the Dataiku Community with the August and September 2021 community releases.

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