Unable to install 3rd party python packages on Dataiku jupyter notebook

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I just started exploring Dataiku and wanted to install `ipympl` on the jupyter notebook. But it is not working.

Seems, the notebook is using virtual environment `


I tried installing it like--


But you can see there is a permission error, so I tried --


Which also resulted in an error, I have experience on Jupyter notebook on IBM Watson studio but never faced issues like this, can anyone guide me on how to do that, I also did not find any good documentation, I tried to follow this doc but can't find where the DATA_DIR is since `! echo $DATA_DIR` gives null string. Regarding recommended method, I can't find the administration tab anywhere on the Dataiku portal. Please guide me in the right direction. Thanks.


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    Dataiku Online indeed has no possibility to create code envs (no Administration tab). You will need to install DSS as VM locally to have that possibility.


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