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Hi Team,

I'm trying to fetch the spark configuration a recipe using dataiku python api but I can only extract the config of spark native engine.I have tried using recipe.status.get_selected_engine_details() but it does not tell me the configuration(default, yarn-large, yarn-extra-large) of spark engine.

Sample code snippet is below.

client = dataiku.api_client()

project = client.get_project(project_name)
recipes = project.list_recipes()

for recipe_name in recipes:

spark_config = recipe_name['params']['engineParams']['spark']['sparkConfig']['inheritConf']

Any leads is appreciated. Thankyou!


  • HarizoR
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    Hi nmahdu20,

    In DSS, each recipe running on top of Spark points to a Spark configuration that is accessible through the instance settings. If you want to retrieve the name and details of this configuration, here is a simple way of doing so via the API:

    client = dataiku.api_client()
    project = client.get_project(YOUR_PROJECT_KEY)
    # Get the name of the Spark configuration used by your recipe
    rcp_spark_conf = project.get_recipe(YOUR_RECIPE_ID) \
        .get_settings() \
        .raw_params \
        .get("sparkConfig") \
    print("The Spark configuration for recipe {} is called '{}'".format(YOUR_RECIPE_ID, rcp_spark_conf))
    # Retrieve all existing Spark settings at the instance level
    instance_spark_confs = client.get_general_settings() \
        .get_raw() \
        .get("sparkSettings") \
    # Look up the config used by your recipe
    target_spark_conf = next(filter(lambda x: x["name"] == rcp_spark_conf,  instance_spark_confs))
    # Print the key-value pairs of your Spark execution configuration
    target_spark_exec_conf = {x["key"]: x["value"] for x in target_spark_conf["conf"]}

    Hope this helps.



  • HarizoR
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    Note that you can even get better results visually, by selecting the "Spark configurations" view at the bottom left of your Flow screen. DSS will colorize the Spark-based recipes according to the configuration they are using, and you can easily look up the execution settings in the Administration > Settings > Spark section of your instance.

    Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 17.29.08.png

  • nmadhu20
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    Hi HarizoR,

    Thankyou for your reply.

    I tried the first code sample but got two issues:

    1. Not all recipes have sparkConfig key in their json dict so the get() line throws error.
    2. I don't have admin previledges to execute line instance_spark_confs = client.get_general_settings()

    Additionally, the visual solution would be easier but we are building a code where we need to store the spark configs of all recipes in a final dataset. But we are able to extract sparkconfig details of only spark_native engine( spark optimized).

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