Facing Problem while starting the DSS server

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when typing the command in the Linux terminal to start the DSS server I am getting the following error-'The server port is already in use' and in the server address I am getting {"message": page not found}, I have followed the instruction in the documentation and have also deleted all the java, python and Nginx process, but the same problem still persists. Even I have tried to check the status of the server and even tried to restart it but it's showing me "DSS: DSS supervisor is not running". How to fix the problem?



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    you should first check which process holds the port 11000 on the machine. On a linux box, one typically runs `netstat -nlp`. Once you know the offending process, you can decide the course of action. You may need to change the base port of DSS in install.ini and run ./bin/dssadmin regenerate-config


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