What recipe can I use?

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I have used the group recipe to create the below table , from a large dataset.

Total Sales
Business A $ 10.00
Business B $ 20.00
Business C $ 30.00

From this table, what recipe & steps can I use to create the additional calculation (below highlighted in red?)

Total Sales%
Business A $ 10.0017%
Business B $ 20.0033%
Business C $ 30.0050%
Total Sales $ 60.00

thank you!


  • fchataigner2
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    the percentage column can easily be created with a Window recipe: a window recipe can compute for each row the sum of the "total sales" for some grouping of the columns, and from there a percentage is only the matter of computing a ratio.

    But no recipe can give a straightforward way to add the "total sales" row. A naive way would be to use a Group recipe to compute the sum, some Prepare recipe to rename columns and put the 'total sales' name in a cell for the "business name" column, followed by a Stack recipe to merge the 2 datasets.

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