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Greetings sir. I have completed the core designer course on dataiku but after completion when I received the certificate the name was mentioned wrongly(my mail id was mentioned in the place of name). Is there any chance of reissuing the certificate or option of editing the name in the certificate?

please help me out in solving this issue

Thank you

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  • ClaudiusH
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    Hi and welcome to the Dataiku Community,

    Congrats on passing the Core Designer certification.

    To re-issue the certificate with your correct name please add the name details in your Dataiku Profile. You can access the Dataiku Profile also via the link from the Community's and Academy's user menu on the top right of the page when clicking on your avatar image. After you've updated the profile information please sign out from the Academy page and then sign in again to ensure the name information gets updated. Finally when accessing your certificate now from the Academy page it should bear the correct name from your profile.

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