Try the NEW Excel to Dataiku DSS Quick Start Tutorial

NancyK Dataiker, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Dataiku DSS Adv Designer Posts: 22 Dataiker


The Dataiku Academy is proud to announce our latest quick start program: the Excel to Dataiku DSS Quick Start.

This short hands-on tutorial is geared towards business analysts and other Excel users entirely new to Dataiku DSS. It focuses on using the point-and-click interface and performing some of the most common Excel data processing and analysis tasks in a more efficient and scalable way with Dataiku DSS.

The tutorial introduces many of the essential capabilities of Dataiku DSS by walking through a simple use case: connecting to, preparing, and analyzing CRM and web sales data.

After completing the hands-on steps, a short quiz will validate the acquired knowledge, and learners who successfully pass the quiz will receive a quick start completion certificate.

Get started on the Excel to Dataiku DSS Quick Start today!

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