PostgreSQL connection for Integration With SQL Databases: Password authentication failed

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For the course titled 'Integration With SQL Databases' , I am having issues with the hands-on of configuring the connection between DSS and PostgreSQL:

I've set up the dku_tshirt_admin user connection as guided by the course, and used 'Password' as the password for the connection and am facing this error: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "dku_tshirt_admin"

Tried googling, looking at the course materials, entering different upper/lower case computations for the 'Password' specified, to no avail.

Can someone help? Thanks.



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    Can you confirm you have run the steps below to create the database, you will create 2 users matthieu with the password: "Password" and dku_tshirt_admin with the same password. You can verify if this was created correctly by testing from psql command line as well :

    PGPASSWORD=Password psql -U matthieu dku

    PGPASSWORD=Password psql -U dku_tshirt_admin dku

    psql -h localhost
    \c dku
    CREATE SCHEMA dku_churn;
    CREATE USER matthieu WITH PASSWORD 'Password';
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON SCHEMA dku_churn TO matthieu;
    CREATE SCHEMA dku_tshirt;
    CREATE USER dku_tshirt_admin WITH PASSWORD 'Password';
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON SCHEMA dku_tshirt TO dku_tshirt_admin;

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