July 2021 Community Release

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The Dataiku Frontrunner Awards submissions period has ended! Now is the time to read through the excellent submissions and Kudo your favourites! There have been forty excellent entries all well worth your time.


Of course you may not have time to read all 40, so use our label filtering to focus in on the area that is most relevant to you!



User Groups:

We are making it easier than ever to join User Groups - with the addition of new clearer flow for users to join groups from the thread level.

Partner Community:

Dataiku’s Partner ecosystem has also been a focus for us this month, with work ongoing to reorganise how we display useful content to our community of Partners.

Changes have already been made to improve labelling of content & enhance the ease with which partners can find the information they need, and more are coming with a layout rework!

Are you one of Dataiku’s Partners but you haven’t headed to the Partner Community yet? Be sure to check it out - and apply for access if you haven’t already!


Setup Info:

As a sneak peek ahead - let’s talk about Setup Info. This is a new feature we are currently developing to help members of the community get help, and help each other!

By using new optional fields when creating your posts you will be able to give the Community key information that often comes up in answering questions. This will serve to save everyone time asking clarification questions, and get you helpful answers faster!


Finally as you might have noticed the Community screenshots above all feature our new Dark mode! Check out the post to read more about that or this article to see how to activate dark mode on your PC or mobile device.

Setup Info
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