is it possible to recover project with only acces to dataiku_dir?

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Here's the issue,

We had a virtual machine that runs dataiku in a docker container,

however we had some issue with that virtual machine and we lost that acces,

now we have mounted the /data drive to another virtual machine.

I do recovered my postgres data with pgdata folder but is it possible with dataiku?

now the only obvious thing i can found in relationship with dataiku is this folder,

is it possible to recover an valide dss with those and get an .zip export of projects?

ubuntu@$ cd dataiku_dir/
ubuntu@$ ls
R.lib code-envs databases html-apps instance-id.txt local plugins saved_models
analysis-data config diagnosis imported_data jobs managed_datasets privtmp timelines
bin data-catalog dss-version.json install-support jupyter-run managed_folders pyenv tmp
caches exports install.ini lib notebook_results run uploads

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