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I'm wondering whether there is a way to export/load configurations.

For example I want to only configure containerized execution, spark and load license once. Then export this configuration as a file (e.g in json format). Then every time I want to deploy a dataiku instance (on kubernetes mostly for me), I'll just load the config file. It's preferable if it's in a readable format so I can also configure it automatically through templates.


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    It seems that what you are trying to achieve is exactly what Dataiku Fleet Manager (FM) does : it has been designed to deploy, upgrade, backup, restore and configure one or several Dataiku instances. Fleet Manager handles the entire lifecycle of the Dataiku instances.
    Especially, FM uses instance templates, to define your DSS environment. An instance template is a set of configuration information that can be reused to start several instances with common properties

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    I'm only interested in configuring dataiku instances, also my kubernetes cluster is manually deployed, I'm not using AWS. Can I still use FM? I can't see it anywhere besides here https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/installation/cloudstacks-aws/concepts.html

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