Top Community Contributors - June 2021

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Can you hear it? Pomp and Circumstance plays over the loudspeakers as we e’re honoring some of our top contributors on the Community. Get your cameras ready to capture these graduation moments.

As we saw last month, there is lots of great activity across the community on all sorts of topics. These posters helped keep balance to the force throughout May:

Nate Gardner.png@natejgardner
- Our Valedictorian for a second straight month with 24 topics published, 20 replies authored 18 kudos given, and 8 kudos received showing that you are top of the class!

Some of their ideas include: In Visual ML, don't plot large numbers on session graph, Multi-column pivots - aggregate mode, and Median on grouping data.

Tom Brown 1-11-18 Web Resolution-3.jpeg@tgb417
- Returning to earn the honor of Summa Cum Laude, they 9 demonstrated their prowess with 9 topics published, 38 replies authored 49 kudos given, 27 kudos received, and 2 solutions authored.

Some of these highlights include: Split multiple columns based on comma-separated values in cells, Standardize the syntax for regular expressions (regex) across all uses in Dataiku DSS, and Connect SQL VIEWS to a Dataiku

With the honor of Magna Cum Laude, they have 3 topics published, 3 topics replied, 2 solutions accepted, and 1 solution authored. As their achievement demonstrates, they have a commitment to knowledge sharing.

Some of their highlights include: Add custom configuration for kubernetes execution, clean stopped notebook kernels running as kubernetes jobs, and Execute jupyterhub notebooks in kubernetes pod on an offline platform

Thank you all for your contributions and conversation. Check out our other Top Contributors of this community. Looking to join these Top Community Contributors? Check out some of our Community Resources and best practices. If you want to be featured, we’re looking for quality contributions including topics starts, replies given, solutions authored and more!

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