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I have a project with a webapp, I want to display a specific dataset from one of my flowzones in the webapp, I allowed the read option in the dataset from webapp settings and I create the api key also.

I couldn't see the dataset when I call fetch function in my js code :

dataiku.fetch('Link_severity', {
        sampling: "head",
        limit: 10000
    }, function(dataFrame) {
    /* Process the dataframe */

in there anything that I missed ?

Thank you



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    Hi @Kenza29

    Your overall structure seems ok to me. Can you clarify if you are getting an error anywhere or if you simply aren't seeing the data from the dataset to display in your web UI? To troubleshoot, I would suggest:

    (a) adding a line like "console.log(dataframe)" in the following code for troubleshooting purposes:

    function(dataFrame) {
    /* Process the dataframe */

    (b) Open your browser console and then attempt to hit your fetch function to see what it returns
    (c) if you see an error in the browser console, that means there is an issue accessing the data. Feel free to post it here.
    (d) if you do see data returned, then the issue is probably with the display of data and not actually fetching the dataset. You can feel free to post the rest of the files for your webapp and I would be happy to take a look in case there is an issue with how it ends up displayed.


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