How do I change or manual sort X axis in Chart?

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Hello, I have another issue on dashboard.

The chart it cannot sort or order manually.

For example my X axis is '4 weeks ago' '3 weeks ago' '2 weeks ago' 'last week'

in dataset the row is order like this, but in chart it sort by name.

The chart shows '2 weeks ago' '3 weeks ago' '4 weeks ago' 'last week'

In sort function, there is only sort by data asc and desc.

How can I change the order in Chart back to '4 weeks ago' '3 weeks ago' '2 weeks ago' 'last week' ?

Moreover, in data lab is there any function to change row or column order? I cannot find them in step list.

Thank you.


  • cperdigou
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    The ordering of labels is only offered by alphabetical order.

    It seems to me that you want to restore the chronological order, so my question here would be why do you manipulate strings, and not dates? Dates would be handled correctly and you wouldn't see this issue.

    Changing the order of rows or columns is not possible in the data lab. However you seem to be manipulating small tables, so if you want complete control you could use a "Push to editable" recipe and change the final table.
  • RanjithJose
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    In the above example suggestion was to use Date, but what if my axis has label headers like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on until Sunday. I want the order to be same as my dataset?

    I would want the charts to maintain same order as that of the dataset.


  • msr
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    It is not working even for date format

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