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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if its possible to connect Dataiku to a Oracle database and import SQL views (virtual tables) from this database to Dataiku as an imput dataset , instead of physical database tables.

Thank you so much!!


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    Welcome to the Dataiku community.

    First, I'm not an expert on Oracle and the DSS connection to Oracle. (Others who are, please jump in here.)

    That said in all of the SQL databases I've used a view can be used very much like any table.


    Where TABLE_NAME is the name of a table in your database.

    This works much the same way as selecting from a view


    Where VIEW_NAME is a view defined in the database.

    Here is the documentation for the Oracle Dataiku DSS Connector. I see nothing there that says that this connector can not see a view.

    If I was debugging this situation. I'd connect to the database directly with the credentials that DSS is being used by DSS and confirm that that account has rights to the view in question. This security issue has more often caused me problems with views. Then I'd set up the connection. If I can not see the view from any of the DSS dropdowns. I'd then create a simple SQL query from within DSS to see if I can access the view.

    Just my $0.02. Hope it helps. Let us know how you are getting on with this.

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