Global Variables Can not be used in Sync Recipe in dataiku server

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Hello, i want to ask a question, as refer to hands on asesment advance designer, me and my friend tried to partition based on variable stock code that is defined in global variable "stock_item" = 84077, but when we define the global variable "stock_item" in recipe run option (sync recipe), the partition "failed" and can not be detected, but in other recipes and in dataiku trial, we can use global variables "stock_item". Can someone help to explain this case?

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  • Katie
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    Hi @atiahnisa

    Can you please provide more detail here? What is the exact error message, and how is your dataset partitioned?

    One thing to call out is, you said you had set defined variable "stock_item" = 84077. If you're using an equals sign in the variables editor, that might be the problem as equals signs are invalid json syntax. It would need to be a colon like this: {"stock_item": 84077}.


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