May 2021 Community News

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It's Gonna Be May

This month is about celebrating your achievements with the data science community, taking another deep dive into the latest version of Dataiku DSS, and more learning opportunities!


Introducing the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards

The Dataiku Frontrunner Awards have just launched to recognize the success of all data and AI builders who are driving the field forward with Dataiku. This is an opportunity to share your achievements and inspire the broader data science community!

All participants will gain exposure on Dataiku’s networks, and the winners will be offered high-quality video production services to share their story as thought leaders. Enter your submission by June 30th!


Design Robust, Transparent ML Models Faster with Dataiku 9

Dataiku 9 makes designing robust models faster, thanks to improvements and new capabilities throughout the model development lifecycle. On June 8th at 11:00 AM EDT, we'll take a deeper dive into the latest release with Christina Hsiao (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Dataiku). Dive deeper with Dataiku 9!

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Highlights from the Community

Community Top Contributors
May the 4th be with you! We’re honoring some to our top contributors who used the power of the force from last month and shined like Jedi Masters! Meet May's Top Contributors

What’s new in the Dataiku Community?
This month is all about recognizing you for your efforts, with new badges for Academics and more to help show off your amazing accomplishments! Find out More in the Full Release Notes

What you may have missed in the Community

  • Product Days on Demand
    Missed a presentation? Watch all sessions from Dataiku's Product Days on demand. Relive the Experience
  • May The Fourth(cast) Be With You: Forecasting Star Mart Holiday Sales
    With a tight deadline to finish the first Proof of Concept in a week, Mara, Data Scientist, races to get started with Dataiku DSS, using time series capabilities that can save her time preparing data, analyzing it, and training forecasting models in a few clicks. Use the Power of the Force
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