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I have FTP connection which is already configured on dataiku. I am able to create dataset based on files but I want to access the FTP location via a python script. Is there any way where I can access the location from python, read files from a particular path rather than reading from a full dataset.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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  • VitaliyD
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    Hi Sagar,

    If I understood correctly and the requirement is to access some files in one FTP folder, archive them and move to another FTP folder, then it isn't DSS specific but more a Python exercise.

    You could try using the ftplib module ( or some other similar python package from doing a quick search online.

    For example, with ftplib the file can be download to the local /tmp folder, removed from the original FTP folder, zipped and then uploaded to another FTP folder.
    Below is a test I run in Python notebook on my test instance:

    from ftplib import FTPimport osftp = FTP()ftp.connect('', 21)ftp.login('user','password')ftp.cwd('in')filename = ""local_filename = os.path.join("/tmp", filename)print(local_filename)lf = open(local_filename, "wb")ftp.retrbinary("RETR " + filename, lf.write, 8*1024)lf.close()ftp.delete(filename)#do what needed with the local file#dataiku api, pandas or any other python package can be used here if you need to performe any data manipulation and/or create a dataset from the file#upload file to different directoryftp.cwd('../out')ftp.storbinary('STOR '+filename, open(local_filename, 'rb'))ftp.quit()

    Hopefully, this helps. If not, and I misunderstood your question, please provide your use case to understand the requirements better.

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  • sagar_dubey
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    Thanks @VitaliyD
    for the response. I was trying the similar code as well it worked for me while trying on local. But I'm facing issue on dataiku maybe there is some issue with the configuration part.

  • VitaliyD
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    Hi @sagar_dubey
    , if your DSS FTP connection working, it means the instance has access to FTP server so the above code should work. I tested it in my DSS python notebook on my test instace, and it works fine for me.

    The other approach you can try to utilize the FTP connection you have and Dataiku API.

    As a prerequisite, you should have two managed folders setup using your FTP connection and the files you want to process and move located in one managed folder so you can process, zip and move them to another managed folder. Below is the code that I tested in my DSS instance using Python notebook and Scenarios:

    import osimport dataikufrom zipfile import ZipFileinput_folder = dataiku.Folder("managed_folder_in_id")output_folder = dataiku.Folder("managed_folder_out_id")for file in input_folder.list_paths_in_partition():#print(file)with input_folder.get_download_stream(file) as f:#read file from managed folderdata = file from input_folderhome = os.path.expanduser("~")#get path of the home directory of the user. temp files will be stored and deleted after processedfilename = file.split("/")[-1]#get file name#print(filename)local_filename = os.path.join(home, filename)#create path for local temp local storage#print(local_filename)f = open(local_filename, "w")#save file in local temp storagef.write(data)#save file in local temp storagef.close()#save file in local temp storagezip_file_name = filename.split(".")[0] + ".zip"#generate ziped file name based on the filename#print(zip_file_name)zip_local_file_name = os.path.join(home, zip_file_name)#create path for zipped filewith ZipFile(zip_local_file_name, 'w') as zipfile:#save zipped file in templ local storagezipfile.write(local_filename, os.path.basename(local_filename))#save zipped file in templ local storagef = open(zip_local_file_name, "r")#read zipped filedata = zipped filewith output_folder.get_writer(zip_file_name) as w:#write zipped file into managed folderw.write(data)#write zipped file into managed folderos.remove(local_filename)#remove temp file from local storageos.remove(zip_local_file_name)#remove temp file from local storage

    Hopefully, this will help.



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    I'm working on a similar project.

    I have Zip files available on an SFTP DSS connection that I want to get into a Dataframe and eventually into a PostgreSQL dataset.

    I can see the files on the DSS connection.

    input_folder = dataiku.Folder("Managed_Folder_ID")
    for file in input_folder.list_paths_in_partition():

    What I'm wondering is if I have to download the files, to local storage, in order to undo the zip files? Of if there is a way to get a stream of some sort to load into zipfiles for decoding into a dataframe?

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