April 2021 Community release

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Welcome to the April Community release. This month is all about recognising you for your efforts, and to that end we have the launch of the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards, new badges for Academics, & more to help show off your amazing accomplishments!

Frontrunner Awards

The Dataiku Frontrunner Awards recognize the success of Dataiku customers, partners, nonprofits, academics, and all individual users. Enter your submission to share outstanding achievements with the data science community!


To participate, head over to the new page found under ‘Community Programs’ and enter your submission by June 30th!

Winners will be determined by a panel of judges, which includes Dataiku executives as well as independent industry experts, and announced in the fall 2021.

For any questions, please email community@dataiku.com. We're here to help you celebrate your success!


Academics Spotlight

MichaelG_2-1619800719468.pngDataiku is extremely proud of our work with academics around the world, and we want to shine a light on their involvement in the Community! Our goal at Dataiku is to help people everywhere grow their data analysis and predictive modeling skills. A vital part of that is to provide free licenses for our software and specific support resources for academics, researchers, and personal learning.

For those helping us with this vital task, w
e have added a new Rank and Badge, to highlight their status within the community and help users know who they are talking to.


In addition to this we have also adjusted things such that users ranks show in a few more places, including on their profile and inline when they reply to a thread.

Voice Search:

This month sees the first version of a brand new feature - speech recognition for search. Currently supported on Chrome and Edge you can now click the microphone to begin searching for answers on the Community with your voice!


Read like you have been there before

We've spoken to our font and asked them to bring their bold friends along as well. That's good news as now it will be easier than before to tell apart unread topics on message lists as their title will be written in bold.


So in this example you can see that I’ve read dfwmike’s question, but haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing what hari2603 is asking.

Found & Fixed:

  • Our evergreen performance enhancement work continues this month! We have worked to reduce the quantity of data that needs to be loaded upon opening community pages, reducing load times.
  • Graphical enhancements around ‘cards’ shadows on category pages.

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