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Calling all Dataiku users, the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards have just launched to recognize your achievements!


Enter your submission to share your outstanding work and the value you have generated, either as an individual or involving your team/organization.

The eight award categories cover the full value spectrum of Dataiku, and you’re welcome to enter in one (or several!) of them:

  • Organizational transformation - Individuals and organizations building the foundations of a data-centric culture with Dataiku DSS.
  • Ikigai & Data Science for Good - Best use of Dataiku DSS to make a positive impact on the world.
  • AI Democratization & Inclusivity - Those enabling all people to gain insights from their data.
  • Responsible AI - Users developing foundational AI for the future, i.e. governable, sustainable, transparent and free of unintended bias.
  • Value at Scale - Those using Dataiku to manage the full lifecycle of models and pipelines, and deliver value at scale.
  • Excellence in Teaching - Faculty members educating the next generation of data science talents with Dataiku.
  • Excellence in Research - Researchers leveraging Dataiku to gain impactful insights from data and pushing the frontier of knowledge.
  • Alan Tuning - Users pushing the boundaries of Dataiku to build innovative projects - including for fun!

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The jury, composed of Dataiku executives and industry experts, will gather this summer to select the winners based on relevancy, innovation of the use case developed with Dataiku, originality, and value created for the project and/or broader organization.

Announced in the fall 2021, the winners will be offered high-quality video production services to share their story as thought leaders in the industry. Prizes also include a donation to the charity of their choice and, as every award goes, a unique trophy will mark their success!

But, as everyone wins with more knowledge sharing, all participants will gain exposure for their achievements on Dataiku’s networks - along with a special swag package to thank them for their contribution.

In the very Dataiku-esque spirit of collaboration, you can not only enter an individual submission, but also participate as a team, in multiple categories, and even several times - so feel free to spread the word to your colleagues and friends who are also using Dataiku DSS. Don’t wait, the submission form is open until June 30th!

We look forward to celebrating your success!

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