File general-settings.json does not exist

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Hi All,

I've been running Dataiku 8 on my Fedora 33 machine using a CentOS 8 Stream VM created with Boxes.

It's worked well; I've been running the tutorials and trying out the Kaggle Titanic problem.

I downloaded Dataiku 9, and tried installing it in parallel with Dataiku 8. (D8 is in $HOME/dataiku; D9 is in $HOME/dataiku_9). But when I try to run D9 the Server won't start. In the server logs, I see the message: File '/home/jazcap53/dataiku_9/data/config/general-settings.json' does not exist.

Does anyone have ideas on how to deal with this problem?

Many thanks in advance for your replies; this forum has been very helpful to me in the past, and I appreciate it.

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    Hello @jazcap53

    Since you are saying that the new installation of DSS 9 is at '$HOME/dataiku_9', I wonder where is the 'data' in '/home/jazcap53/dataiku_9/data/config/general-settings.json' coming from. If your DATADIR is '$HOME/dataiku_9' the general-settings.json should be at '/home/jazcap53/dataiku_9/config/general-settings.json'

    That's all I can think of with the information you are providing, a problem with the paths.

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