Integration LDAP with Dataiku Cloudera

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Good day

I have been reading this documentation:

I want to install Dataiku in a Cluster Cloudera but I have 4 Active Directories in different locations.

I would like to know if I can install a single Dataiku for the Cluster where I can integrate the 4 Active Directories in this Dataiku, or if it is necessary to install a Dataiku for each Active Directory location.



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    Generally speaking, working with multiple Active Directories is very complex, and we would advise that you work with your Dataiku Sales Engineer or Customer Success Manager in order to better understand how we can assist.

    If your multiple directories are part of the same forest and same Kerberos realm, you should be able to use a keytab for that realm that will work for authentication, and to configure LDAP connectivity in DSS targeting the forest's global catalog.

    If your multiple directories are not part of the same forest, this will usually be impossible and you may not be able to use a single Cloudera cluster either.

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