Get Ready for Dataiku 9 With This Crash Course

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The Dataiku Academy team is pleased to offer a Crash Course on the new features in Dataiku 9!

This course contains a mix of videos and hands-on tutorials, geared towards users who are familiar with Dataiku DSS, and who are looking to learn about the highlights of the new version.

The course covers the features that offer:

  • Faster, more transparent model development, including ML diagnostics, ML assertions, and interactive scoring;
  • Easier, more scalable production management, with the Project Deployer;
  • More capabilities for business analysts, including the Fuzzy Join recipe, interactive date filtering, and smart pattern recognition;
  • Interactive visualizations with Dash webapps; and
  • Other noteworthy features like the Time Series Forecasting plugin, deeper Git integration for notebooks, and the ability to export wikis to PDF.

The Crash Course in Dataiku DSS 9 is perfect for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and get onboarded on Dataiku DSS’s newest features.

Get started on the Crash Course in Dataiku DSS 9 today!

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